The Most Beautiful Thing

by duncanr

boy meets girl

boy falls in love with girl

but there are problems . . .

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5 Comments to “The Most Beautiful Thing”

  1. It’s a sweet film, to be sure, but men with tiny philtrums make the fight or flight region of my brain squirm.


  2. The lad may not realise it yet, but now that the girl has discovered she can talk, it’ll be a non-stop case of yap-yap-yapI-hate-those-jeans-damn-can’t-you-wear-something-else-yap-yap-yapYou’ll-never-guess-what-she-next-door-did-yap-yap-yapHave-you-taken-out-the-rubbish yet?yap-yap-yap . . .


  3. I’ve always had the “hots” for the singer, Cher, and she doesn’t even have a wossisname !


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