Suspected Terrorist Cleared to Travel

by duncanr

Harvey Kenyon-Cairns initial attempt to enter the USA was thwarted when embassy officials in London – suspecting he was a terrorist – rejected his visa application

following an interrogation in London, however, the 3 month old was eventually cleared to travel after convincing officials he had been framed by his grandfather –


3 Comments to “Suspected Terrorist Cleared to Travel”

  1. “They didn’t appear to have a sense of humour over it at all . . .”

    No shit!

    Any non-US citizen who has ever endured the arrogant shit that you get at US immigration passport control could tell you that.


  2. Didn’t you chaps hear about America’s new employment program? Those too feisty and reactionary for the Department of Motor Vehicles are now sent straight into the police force and immigration.


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