Fewer Blind in India

by duncanr

the number of blind folk in India has been substantially cut – not by any great medical advance but by a change in the way they are counted

India previously classified a person as ‘legally blind’ if they were unable to see the number of fingers held up by a hand 6 metres away, rather than the 3 metre distance used by other countries

by dropping the 6 metre and adopting the more stringent 3 metre rule, the number of ‘legally blind’ in India has fallen by around 4 million and the country does not now compare so unfavourably with the rest of the world – http://tinyurl.com/mpeuam4

of course, India could reduce the number of legally blind in the country still further and . . .

greatly enhance their standing relative to other countries if they were to adopt the more stringent test of blindness developed by the team here at Madhatters


8 Comments to “Fewer Blind in India”

  1. Hunh, this echoes the crack science job the United States did on their obesity epidemic. Turns out, the aforementioned “epidemic” happened overnight when obesity was redefined from a BMI of 30 to a BMI of 25 and all the Big Pharma companies squeezing out diabetes meds shuddered a collective orgasm.

    The BMI, you’ll recall, is utter bullshit because it doesn’t distinguish between muscle and fat. According to sage American health insurance providers and their crisp white charts, all professional bodybuilders are morbidly obese and all bulimics are keeping themselves nicely trim.


  2. If prople cannit see thr gingers jeld up on a gand at a sistanxe of sux netres, thet I feek sotty fir the poot nuggers.

    Yhank Fod I din’t h@ve thet priblem.

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