On a Dark Stormy Night

by duncanr

this short story by Ron Hicks appeared in the Portsmouth News – http://tinyurl.com/ksbyxr8


3 Comments to “On a Dark Stormy Night”

  1. Well, the introduction of the dog brought an unexpected twist to the story.

    Up until that point, following the description of the wild weather, plus lack of electricity, I was fully expecting Jenny to give birth to a little Scottish baby boy.

    Praise the Lord.

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  2. I tried to teach our dog to bark less noisily by training her to spell out WOOF in scrabble tiles, but she kept chewing the bloody things up.

    When I’d stopped her from doing that, and she finally did mange to overcome the lack of opposable thumbs, she triumphantly spelt out SAUSAGES.

    So as not to let this feat go unrewarded, I drove to the shop to buy some, but when I got back she’d put her new-found dexterity to good use by locking me out and spelling out UP YOURS on the scrabble rack as she got back to barking noisily at me through the letterbox.

    Never trust a spaniel.

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  3. “Never trust a spaniel.”

    Never a truer word spoken. Now the buggers are trying to snatch Gibraltar from us.


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