March For Science

by allthoughtswork


“It’s a scientific fact.”

Say that in a Red State and you have a better than average chance of getting punched out, especially if the conversation canvasses what group deserves to be shot, what you should shoot them with, and what breed you’ve trained to retrieve the carcass. And beer.

It’s madness to reason with that level of inbreeding and dysfunction but many still try. Some even got organized and took to the streets last Saturday. But any true scientist will tell you that to impact a specific population, you must target their natural environment:

Next time, march down the cheap domestic beer aisle and hold a rally in front of the Doritos.

Brilliant signs at the March For Science

(Yes, they capitalize the F. No, I do not know why. I’m treating it as a subtle, tongue-in-cheek joke digging everyone who did not notice in the first place.)


5 Comments to “March For Science”

  1. March For Science.


    Now, what’s planned for April ?


  2. May Day! May Day! Winter has crashed and burned!


  3. Well, with winter crashing and burning out and everyone taking to the beach, I don’t foresee much happening in June or July. But the month after promises to be august.


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