Asparagus Man?

by allthoughtswork

England, seriously, an Asparagus Festival? You’re blessing produce?


America worships a pedophile clown who schleps fake crap and alternative calories. Over a billion served. Learn from us.




5 Comments to “Asparagus Man?”

  1. I eat Asparagus.

    So, what if it does make my pee smell. I’m the only one that smells it.

    Well, apart from those few contests we have at the MH newsroom when things get boring.


  2. I had to suppress a derisive snort at

    “This is an absurd pantomime-type scene that makes a mockery of Christian worship,”

    Has the eejit who said that never taken a look at the spectacle that is the eucharist?

    A bloke (or blokess) in a posh frock waves his hands about and chants a bit in a sort of unconvincing Tommy Cooper impression over a glass of cheap red plonk, before pronouncing it to be the blood of some middle eastern bloke from a few years back.

    Not content with this rather second-rate magic act, he then proceeds to get the audience to drink the stuff, once they’ve been made suitably thirsty by having to eat a Ritz ™ cracker.

    It must be good stuff, I suppose, as they all join him in a bit more chanting before having a damn good sing-song and then throw all their money into the bloke’s plate before wandering off for a spot of lunch.

    Now if we’re talking “absurd pantomime-type scenes” . . .

    Still, if it keeps ’em happy, and they get a kick out of it, who am I to knock it?


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