Iceland is made of licorice

by allthoughtswork

Licorice is the liver of candy. If you don’t think so, have your Thorazine adjusted, you’re slipping. Icelanders insert this shiny black crap into chocolate like we stick a dog’s flea pill into a ball of hamburger meat. That’s just…wrong.

I’m moving Iceland down my list of Must See Places. It’s now below Mongolia but still above Hawaii and Ireland. Because snakes are people, too.

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4 Comments to “Iceland is made of licorice”

  1. Well, I like licorice – so there !

    . . . and I’m happy (kind of)


  2. When me and my mates were young and daft we used to chew liquorice (note the spelling, you Johnny foreigner types . . .) root twigs in the pub, as they were supposed to enhance the flavour of beer.

    In Warrington at that time, all you could get was either Greenalls or Tetleys, so anything that even threatened to enhance the flavour was most welcome.


    • Yes, we used to chew liquorice roots as kids (well, they used to grow it 3 miles up the road at Pontefract).

      Didn’t need it to improve the taste of the Tetley’s though, as the cream of beers tastes just fine in Yorkshire.


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