Bats for Brides

by duncanr

like so many places in the world, women in India commonly experience violence/abuse at the hands of their partner or relatives –

combating this domestic violence involves changing the criminal justice and legal system to provide greater support and protection of women, and changing the patriarchal social, cultural, attitudes and practices that regard the female child to be of less value than the male, and a married woman to be the ‘property’ of her husband

if Indian politicians were serious about . . .

combating domestic violence a good start would be to agitate to make marital rape a crime – – and not silly suggestions like this by this clown –


2 Comments to “Bats for Brides”

  1. Hello sir,I have to say you do write very well and I absolutely respect your opinion.I believe India does have to change in many aspects just as how, all the other countries in our world have to.It would only be right for an Indian woman to remind the world that change is definitely coming.India no longer remains to be a country where a woman is forced to live at home and is growing to become one where the government is encouraging Female participation in all walks of life.Please do not consider the opinions and suggestions of a mere illogical person as the opinion of the rest of our population.Patriarchy as it had targeted women all over the world is now dying and its opposite that is “equality” will prevail.Thank you 😀

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