Pacific Crest Trail

by duncanr

the 2,659 ml Pacific Crest Trail runs from California, through Oregon and Washington, to British Columbia and takes around 5 months to hike, end to end

this video is a compilation of 3sec shots capturing the scenery along the way

P.S. you might want to turn your speakers off – the accompanying music is bloody awful !

2 Comments to “Pacific Crest Trail”

  1. As walked by Reese Witherspoon in the film ‘Wild’.


  2. He accurately heralded his entrance into my hiking territory with the word “moist.” Shut up, Nobbly. It rained all day yesterday and was colder than Ann Coulter’s crotch, today it will skyrocket into the 80s and get as dry as Ann Coulter’s crotch. Blue state, my ass.

    Technically, I’ve only done a few miles of the PCT and here’s why: That bloody trail is horrifically, mind-numbingly long. You have to slog through treacherous stretches of muddy, suicidal boredom to get to each splendid view. Now, many will say, “But the deep green forests of the Pacific Northwest are gorgeous!” Yes, they are. And when you pass by your ten billionth, deep green, moss-covered rock, you’ll start scanning the ground for bits of trash just so your eyes can latch onto a different color and remember what the outside world is like.


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