It was Cinco de Mayo today….

by allthoughtswork

…how did you satisfy your inner alcoholic? That’s how Americans celebrate all historical holidays. If it’s a Mexican holiday, that can only mean one thing:

One tequila,

Two tequila,

Three tequila,


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6 Comments to “It was Cinco de Mayo today….”

  1. I’m celebrating National Beverage Day today (May 6)


  2. It sounds a bit like St. Patrick’s day here in England.

    All the knuckle-dragging pissheads who normally have nothing to do with anybody who isn’t English, claim to be Irish for the day, just so they can get pissed in their local boozer – just like they do every other day.


    • So, THAT’S where we learned that trick. However, as we are Americans, and undignified to the point of wife beaters and cargo shorts, we go overboard, literally, and dump green dye into our rivers. And our beer.

      On Cinco de Mayo, white people over here who normally drink piss-water Corona with a straight face are simply given a pass, and the rest of them drink tequila. Then, we laugh at their Level 10 hangovers the next day.

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