How Time Flies

by duncanr

gosh, 10 years?

no wonder we’re bloody tired!


7 Comments to “How Time Flies”

  1. What makes them think we do good blogging?

    Don’t they ever read this shit?


    • You’ve hit the nail right on the head there with your comment, NobblySan.

      MH is falling far short of its potential.

      Let’s put our heads together on this and get down to making MH really successful and the envy of all other sites.

      For this I suggest we each take a role and visit other sites to determine what titillates readers’ interests, check out the subjects that prompt comments, try to keep up with the ever-changing latest trends, maybe even consider changing the MH layout if we come to the conclusion that it may be considered “user unfriendly.”

      This last one will mean one of us being charged with the responsibility of contacting the readers we have, and asking for their frank opinions.

      These tasks, even when shared out amongst ourselves, will undoubtably mean many hours on our computers working until the early hours, but sacrifices must be made.

      We can do it, chaps !

      Unfortunately, I shall be on holiday for the next couple of months . . .


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