Frazil Ice

by allthoughtswork

Now you crave margaritas. You’re welcome.

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4 Comments to “Frazil Ice”

  1. fascinating to discover I’ve been pronouncing Yosemite wrong all these years

    there I’ve been pronouncing the last 4 letters – mite – as the one syllable word ‘mite’ (sounds like ‘might’) whereas it should apparently be treated as a two syllable word and pronounced ‘mitty’

    never too old to learn, eh !


  2. Brilliant stuff – as much as I love the outdoors here , I’m seriously in awe of the grandeur and scale of places such as Yosemite.

    In a couple of weeks, we’re off camping in Wenseydale – home to Hardraw Force, the highest single drop waterfall in England – but it’s a mere trickle over some rocks compared to the beauty in that clip.

    It does however score over Yosemite, in that it’s located in the back garden of a pub – through which you have to pass to get to see it.

    Well, it would be rude not to buy a drink while you were in there, wouldn’t it . . .


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