This funny British encounter just happened….

by allthoughtswork

…at Trader Joe’s, our international trading post. We get all countries in there, so it’s very exciting. I got to whip out my highschool German once. Shut up, Nobbly.

I’m standing at the recipe samples counter, kibitzing with the employee who is a friend of mine while I mainline my drugs…er, sip my free coffee sample…and a middle-aged woman points to the featured salad item and asks, “Is it rolled?”

We both stare at her.

“Is it ROLLED,” she repeats.

“I’m sorry, I don’t…” he trails off, still staring.

They go back and forth, he apologizes for not understanding what she means, and I’m straining to understand how or why the hell anybody would roll a Brussel sprouts coleslaw.

Finally, in an exasperated tone of voice reserved for the extremely British, she enunciates quite curtly, “Is…it…uncooked?”

“Oh–RAW!” we both say at the same time. She looks put upon. I ask where she’s from and when she says “England,” I nod sagely and repeat the question. North Hampton is the answer, of course, the place where they outlawed Ws in the 1800s.

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4 Comments to “This funny British encounter just happened….”

  1. if she can’t tell the difference between cooked and uncooked veg, then she’s a silly ranker.

    (but, more likely, just a saddo who wants to draw attention to herself)


    • I didn’t get a good whiff, I’m not sure just how rank she was.

      In her defense, the item was tossed with some sort of spicy, oily dressing that cast doubt upon its origins. For personal safety, I always stick to the coffee.


  2. I had a mate whose wife had a pwoblem with her arse

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