Post your cure for the news here

by allthoughtswork

That’s it, the news officially bites the big weenie. There’s just too much suck out there and not enough beer and kittens.

Do you have a video that will cheer us all the fuck up? Add it to the comments section. Hurry.

Australian farmer feeds sheep in shape of giant penis.


44 Comments to “Post your cure for the news here”

  1. This cracks me up.

    Reece Shearsmith screwing things up on purpose, and genuine uncontrollable laughter from Peter Kay and Sian Gibson.


  2. this is an old clip I’ve posted before on Madhatters but it always makes me smile . . .


  3. I’ve probably watched this two dozen times in the last few years. I laugh. Every. Single. Time.


  4. I’m wiping away tears, I’m laughing so hard.


  5. I put the troubles of the world to one side last night, and went and sat outside a local pub with a friend.

    The company was good, the beer was good, and the view up the valley was OK as well.

    I can recommend it.

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    • ***Damnit, I did it again. That wasn’t the one I intended to post. Apparently, if you bookmark a single segment in someone’s You Tube mix, it just starts at the beginning and plays the whole damned mix. Not that the whole damned mix isn’t hilarious.

      But THIS is the one I wanted you all to see….


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