Talking to God

by duncanr

since time immemorial, there have been shaman/priests/charlatans/con artists (call them what you will) who have sought power, wealth, influence over their fellows by claiming a special relationship with their god – presenting themselves as an intermediary between that god and folk less favoured than themselves

such blessed individuals are with us still – but the means by which they communicate with and receive guidance from their god is somewhat different now from what it was previously –


One Comment to “Talking to God”

  1. Thankyou for calling Heaven.

    If you wish to make a confession, press «A»

    If you wish to make an appeal to win the Lotto Euro millions, please press «B»

    For all other religious matters, please press «C»

    Allelujah chorus

    All lines are busy at the moment, please hold and the Lord will be with you as soon as he is available.

    All calls are charged at £1.38 per minute.

    Allelujah chorus

    Please hold

    Allelujah chorus

    Please hold

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