Can’t be Arsed?

by duncanr

more folk don’t vote than do in UK elections

and of those eligible to vote who choose not to, the largest proportion are the young – silly buggers seem happy to leave decisions that affect their future in the hands of their elders

2 Comments to “Can’t be Arsed?”

  1. We endured the same crap here. When Bernie Sanders failed to gain the Democratic nomination, Bernie supporters basically announced, “If I can’t have Bernie, I won’t vote at all!” and pulled their support from the woman who could have stopped Agent Orange from taking office. I was forced me to end a friendship with one of these young dum-dums (he was also one of those militant vegans who preach at everybody about what’s in their grocery cart so he was already one foot in the hole).


  2. Someone else who couldn’t be arsed was T May, instead sending her sidekick Bad Murder Amber Rudd along to the party leaders’ election debate earlier tonight.

    I reckon that JC made a good move, deciding to go along at the last moment, as he seemed to go down well with the studio audience. Unfortunately, I feel that Labour are going to lose quite a few much-needed votes to the Lib Dems, because of the cannabis issue. I had been planning on voting Labour for the first time in more than 20 years (no, I have never voted for The Nasty Party), but now will vote for the Lib Dems, after their saying that they would legalise the herb. All JC would need to do, to get my vote, would be to announce that he would inaugurate a Royal Commission into cannabis/drug use.


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