No Balls !

by duncanr

a woman in Pakistan alleges she was raped at gunpoint by her cousin

she appealed to village elders for redress

instead of taking action against her alleged rapist, however, they sentenced her to death

the woman’s father said . . .

Since the panchayat declared her liable to be killed he had to accept the decision as it was the tradition of his village

fearing for her life, the woman has fled the village and reported the matter to the police, who have placed her in safe housing while they investigate –

[hhmmm, if I was that woman, I would be a tad disappointed in my dad – disappointed that he didn’t have the balls to support and defend me rather than meekly accepting the dictat of the panchayat

just saying!]


3 Comments to “No Balls !”

  1. Fucking backward religious nutters.

    In some ways the world has not moved on from medieval times.


  2. In the news report that I read, it was the girl’s father that, in defiance of the panchayat, took the matter to the police.

    Now the members of the panchayat (which included the father of the alleged rapist) are in police custody.

    I suppose it all depends on which newspapers we read.

    . . . and if this is a true story, or just a load of old bollocks !


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