Just shave it off, already

by allthoughtswork


This whole ironic facial hair thing needs to die a quick fashion death. Let’s move on to the next stupid fad already before THIS becomes a thing again.

Image result for lumbersexual meme

I’m sick and tired of trying to interpret facial expressions through a bird’s nest of glistening moustache oil and pretension. No, little one, your overly-groomed chin shrubbery does NOT make you look more rugged and manly, it makes me think about Halloween in July. You wanna impress a lady? Pay down your credit card bill and vacuum your frickin’ car.

Image result for lumbersexual meme

*This message brought to you by a long-suffering resident of Portland, Oregon, fabled breeding ground of hipsters and lumbersexuals.

Image result for someday soon this will be remembered like this



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7 Comments to “Just shave it off, already”

  1. quite right ATW

    some folk look ridiculous with a beard . . .

    you look so much better without


  2. I remember when beards made for good storylines


  3. Hey, Duncan, shouldn’t you let them know where you are?



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