May Says . . .

by duncanr

Strong and Stable’

but policy U-Turns look more like ‘wobbly’ than ‘stable’

and refusing to answer local reporter’s questions; refusing to appear on televised debate with other party leaders; and refusing to appear on radio 4’s Women’s Hour programme (unlike other party leaders) does not exactly convey the impression of strength but rather of weakness or cowardliness . . .

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One Comment to “May Says . . .”

  1. The refusal of Ms. May to appear on Women’s Hour should be applauded as a stand against sexism. How very dare we have a programme devoted solely to women’s views, and at a time when the country is dedicated to the removal and abolishment of gender-based barriers, be they at home or in the workplace.


    Right, I’ve said my piece. Off now for a blow-job.


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