It’s Election Day in UK

by duncanr

voters in the UK (well those that can be arsed) will be deciding today which two-faced, lying buggers to support in the snap general election called by the conservative leader Theresa May

my polling station is a mere 100 yards from my house so I nipped down just after 7am this morning to cast my vote

it will likely be the early hours of tomorrow before we have an inkling of which party is on track to be the next government – till then, I will probably be experiencing many of the states depicted here –


11 Comments to “It’s Election Day in UK”

  1. Exit polls look very interesting. Wonder what I’ll wake up to tomorrow.


  2. Just what the country needed – more uncertainty and lack of clear direction.

    May is a fucking disaster, and should go immediately. Her personal and political arrogance in stirring up all this shit is matched by that of her predecessor who called the EU referendum in the first place.

    Tossers, the lot of ’em.

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    • one of the most satisfying things for me about the support for the labour party in this election is the egg on the face of the 80% of the PLP who have been stabbing JC in the back since he was elected leader, claiming there was no support amongst voters for ‘leftist’ policies favoured by him and that the party faced electoral extinction if they proposed a socialist agenda instead of the blairite tory-lite path they were arrogant enough to think was the only one favoured by voters

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      • Even Peter Mandelson, on the radio this afternoon, had to grudgingly admit that he’d done well.

        I’m glad that we have a bit of polarisation between the parties, rather than two versions of the tory party.

        I do, however, worry that this is as good as it gets for Labour – they’ve mopped up all the fringe-nutter voters (mostly UKIP) but to progress at the next election they’ll have to convert tory voters. That will be difficult given the gulf between the two political positions.

        Still, I won’t let that spoil my immediate enjoyment of the fact that the odious May has made a king-sized arse of herself.


        • Oh . . . and if Corbyn wishes to gain a bit more credibility, he needs to get rid of the ignorant racist eejit that is Diane Abbott.

          I’m sure that would gain them a few more seats in the next one. They’re talking about the possibility of doing it all again in October.


  3. The election result has been a huge dissapointment to me. I was hoping for a decisive win for Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

    I was particularly looking forward to the response to the next terrorist incident when the Police turned up on ‘blues and twos’ carrying, not guns, but cups of tea and a packet of cracker biscuits.

    Damn !

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    • Given May’s cuts of plod finances I doubt that they’d be able to afford to go handing out their valuable tea and biscuits.

      “Armed police! We have a bottle of tapwater and a stale crust of bread and will use them if required. “


  4. That’s democracy for you: we get to choose which two-faced, lying bugger runs our country! 😂


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