The Results Are In

by duncanr


3 Comments to “The Results Are In”

  1. Awww, they picked up all their toys out of the EU sandbox and went home and now they can’t even play with them. Love the political infighting and finger pointing, though, reminds me of home.


    • There are some great aspects to this – and great schadenfreude fodder.

      The arrogant, secretive PM, with her hidden hard-Brexit agenda, after constantly denying that she wouldn’t call a general election, did so in order to exploit a 20 point lead over Labour.

      The press is mainly establishment right wing, and did their usual attempted demolition of the Labour leader, who had not only them to contend with, but also a large rump of Blairite hangers-on in his own party, aggrieved that an old leftie back-bencher had won the leadership.

      The old leftie turned out to be a great campaigner, and revelled in going out on the road, attracting huge crowds of real people, who saw an honest man, genuinely with their interests at heart.

      Meanwhile, the PM was ‘missing in action’, attending stage-managed events, where approved questions were fed to the press. She refused to attend any leaders’ debates, but made cosy appearances with her husband on family chat shows.

      All the while, Corbyn was pushing young people to register to vote, and pitching policies at them (and all the while, his rating was rising in the polls.)

      As it happened, he didn’t win the election. But it doesn’t matter, really.

      The government, having lost several seats in England and Wales (several of them ministers), were only saved by the resurgence of the Scottish branch of the party, led by Ruth Davidson, who increased their number of seats from 1 to 13.

      However, the govt still doesn’t have a working majority, so has had to approach the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland to try to get them to give their support. Now, the DUP are a little bit ‘WASP’ – they are against gays, abortion, gay marriage, etc. And, guess what? Ruth Davidson is a lesbian, who is soon to get married to her partner! She has cautioned the government about making any concessions to the DUP over these issues.
      You couldn’t make it up.

      And it appears that the press can now no longer influence the result of general elections by character assassination, since it appears that the ones who did the damage to the government were those young people that Corbyn roused, and they don’t read newspapers because they find FB and Twitter, etc, to be much more interesting.

      Apparently, Murdoch was at a party (presumably intended to be a celebratory one) with staff at News International at 10pm on Thursday, awaiting the election results on tv. It seems he ‘stormed out’ when the exit poll projection of the lost majority was announced.


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