Marr Interviews Corbyn

by duncanr

the UK Labour party leader – fresh from confounding critics amongst his own party, never mind the media, and opposition political parties – interviewed by BBC reporter Andrew Marr . . .

7 Comments to “Marr Interviews Corbyn”

  1. Something about his super-confident attitude remind you of someone else a few weeks ago ?


  2. The British and Irish lions?


    • Sorry, your time is up.

      The correct answer was – NORMAN RAPSEY – who lives just four door’s down from me and, despite his driving instructor’s assurances, failed his driving test at the end of last month.

      (Give him a round of applause, audience, please).


      • Whaaat?!

        Norm has failed his test?

        This is the end of civilisation as we know it. I had a tenner on him at the local bookies to absolutely breeze through it.

        Remember when he got 98% on his theory test? It made the News at Ten!

        Something is wrong here – very wrong. Was he nobbled? Or had he been in the pub again?


  3. Apparently, he’d refused to wear his seat belt, stating that it contravened his Human Right to free movement. (or was it movements ?)


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