Papering over Poverty

by duncanr

Jonathan Pie’s take on the fire which destroyed Grenfell Tower in London in which 58 people are known to have died and many more are still missing presumed dead

2 Comments to “Papering over Poverty”

  1. “Yes, Tim ?”

    “Where ?”

    “Finsbury Park Mosque, you say ?”

    “I’m on it, mate.”

    “How do you want me to play it, Tim ?”

    “Exasperated expressions . . . got it . . . moral outrage (and with appropriate gestures) . . . yup . . . angry pacing and plenty of well practiced fucks thrown in . . . Oooh Kaaay, got it.

    “Same old, same old then, eh, mate !”

    “Right, I’ll get a taxi around there. Right away, Tim.”


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