Cash for Votes

by duncanr

following the disastrous failure of her plan to increase the size of the Conservative party’s working majority in the UK parliament by calling a snap election which resulted, instead, in the Conservatives losing their working majority, Theresa May has promised an extra £1 billion funding to Northern Ireland in return for DUP support to allow the conservatives to hang on to power as a minority government

this has provided a rich source of material for cartoonists . . .

click ‘continue reading’ tab for more pics . . .





pics source – B3ta


2 Comments to “Cash for Votes”

  1. I shouldn’t be surprised at the hypocrisy and lack of ethics of politicians, but this lot really take my breath away.

    She’s a fucking walking disaster area. I’d urge her to go now, but I don’t trust any of the other clueless baboons waiting in the wings.


  2. “this lot really take my breath away.”

    Are you kidding? I haven’t breathed comfortably since 1980 when a walking billboard for Just For Men Original Formula trickled down into the oval office and planted deep furrows of greed and plutocracy. We called him Reagan for short.


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