Thanks, but I had rodent for lunch

by allthoughtswork

Image result for love to eat them mousies kliban

If you’re an ancient Roman, that ain’t a poem, it’s a menu.


2 Comments to “Thanks, but I had rodent for lunch”

  1. Ever year, MrsN takes her class of urban guerillas schoolchildren to Chester to experience their Roman side.

    Apart from the irresistible chance to give the ‘thumbs down’ to a gladiator about to lop off the head of their teacher, their favourite part of the day is when some poor sod in a centurions outfit tells them about dormice.

    Kids can be truly horrible at times.

    Worse than Romans, in fact.


  2. Great story, I didn’t know MrsN was a schoolmarm. Please don’t tell us about all the Strict Teacher/Bad Schoolboy reenactments in the N master bedroom or how many of the rulers in your toolbox have come into contact with your bare behind.

    “Kids can be truly horrible at times.”

    The two most terrifying words in the English language are “junior high.”


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