I promised Ben I’d post a link for him

by allthoughtswork

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Meet Ben.

Ben is in his 20s and likes to ride his mountain bike.

Ben just crashed and burned on this bike. Again. And hurt his shoulder. Again. The same shoulder as last time.

Ben wasn’t wearing a helmet, either.

Ben is stupid.

Don’t be Ben.

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Hey, I said I’d post your link, Ben, I didn’t say it wouldn’t come with editorial commentary.


4 Comments to “I promised Ben I’d post a link for him”

  1. for years I never wore a helmet when out cycling but too many near calls made me question the wisdom of that choice and I finally bought myself a helmet

    and a good job I did !

    it saved me from severe injury when a car (bloody woman driver) .shot out of an intersection right into my path – I slammed into the side of the car and did an acrobatic forward roll over the roof of the car, landing head-first on the road on the other side of the car

    without a helmet, I would have suffered serious injury – as it was, I escaped with multiple bruises and abrasions, a thumping headache, and concussion

    there was a slight drawback of the helmet though – while it saved me from serious head injury, the chin strap sliced through one of my ears, leaving the top half of it flapping loose This was later sown back on at the hospital by doctors (without any anaesthetic – the bastards!}


  2. No anesthetic? As a Scot, I’m surprised you didn’t simply reach into your pocket for the Medicinal Flask.

    Ben sustained (he says) a Grade 3 shoulder separation but I have my doubts. I endured a Grade 2 separation several years ago when I somersaulted over the handlebars of my own mountain bike at speed on asphalt. My helmet shattered so badly that the pros at the bike shop took one look at it and fixed my bike for free. The concussion screwed up my vision in a terrifying way for a few minutes and messed up my life for a month, but here I am, typing this now with relative sanity, everything still working. (twitch, twitch) However, that shoulder took 3 months to return to normal; Ben was back at work lifting boxes just a few weeks later.

    He justifies not wearing a helmet that day because, and I quote: he “didn’t hit his head.” You know, he may have a point because if he’s that stupid, there’s not much to protect. Might as well drink Coors and vote Republican.

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  3. I don’t wear a helmet cos I’ve got stabiliser wheels fitted, AND whenever I go out for a pedal my Dad walks beside me holding the handlebars with one hand and the back of the seat with the other.

    How could I chat up the chicks wearing a helmet (me, not them.) Honestly, I’d look like a right nonce.


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