“the politics of an era in one frame”

by allthoughtswork

Image result for new jersey beach shutdown aerial photo

Yup, Edward Snowden summed that up nicely.

One of our more grotesque politicians (and that’s really saying something during this administration), Chris Christie, ordered a beach closed to the general public for a government shutdown during our largest, most popular national holiday, then parked his voluminous ass right in the center of it:

“NJ.com reports Christie told reporters on Sunday he didn’t “get any sun” during his visit. But when his team was informed of the photos, his spokesman clarified the governor was on the beach, but didn’t get any sun because “he had a baseball hat on.””

Image result for chris christie on beach

Nice save, asshat. You ask far too much of a tiny baseball cap. Now, tell us again about your “successful” weight loss surgery.

A few sand sculptors got to work on an editorial while the rest of the beach was just pissed–even planes were dissing the Christie Creme.Image result for chris christie sand sculpture

Image result for chris christie on beach photo of beach closure aerial

Image result for chris christie banner plane

That says, “Tell Gov Christie get the hell off Island Beach State Park.” I think they spelled “American soil” wrong.

Image result for christie cremeImage result for christie creme




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