Duncan Goes to School

by duncanr

my youngest grandson’s school held a Mela yesterday

i had bugger all else to do so I toddled along

i had my camera phone with me so I took some pics [click on the photos to enlarge]

there were drummers . . .

there were dancers . . .


and english

then there was a dancing class as brave volunteers were taught classic Bhangra moves such as ‘patting the dog, and ‘the lightbulb’

of course, there was also a lot of delicious desi vegetarian food stalls for me to pig out on

oh yeah, and I also got to spend time with my two youngest grandkids – so it was a good afternoon !


5 Comments to “Duncan Goes to School”

  1. The Indian costumes have it all over the English ones. Those English ones always looked to me like some drunk guy woke up late and realized he had a festival to attend, so he grabbed whatever was around the house and some glue.

    Not that ours are any better. Our festival costumes are…wait, do we even have any festival costumes? I mean, besides muffin tops and wife beaters?


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