Coffee Recall in Texas

by duncanr

we’re often told not to drink coffee before going to bed at night because it’s a stimulant

well, seems that advice is right after all – coffee (some brands, anyway) will, apparently, keep you up all night –

p.s., you may not be able to buy it anymore in Texas but if you go online, you can purchase this coffee here –

p.p.s., tell them ratty spoke highly of its effectiveness and they may give you a discount


2 Comments to “Coffee Recall in Texas”

  1. ‘Embrace the excretion of water’ ?

    Some one is not only taking the piss, but then cuddling the damn stuff.


  2. Maybe this is where the Australian phrase “gimme a long black” comes from. The fact that Duncan took the time and effort to track a distributor down…is there something we should know about, sir?


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