The First Time

by duncanr

I remember the first time I tried it
I was only a lad o’ sixteen
And though she was younger than I was
She was much more composed and serene.

It was doon in the byre on the straw
At the end o’ a fine summer’s day
The air was scented wi’clover
And the smell of freshly cut hay

I was eager, but . . .

nervous and awkward
No sure just how to proceed
But she never minded my shyness
And so I commenced wi’ the deed

I mind how she moved a bit closer
An’ the touch of her body was warm
A gey queer feeling cam ower me
As she nestled her heid in my airm

Wi’ mounting excitement I started
Fashed aboot daeing it right
But as I got into my rhythm
She gave a wee moan of delight

All this happened a long time ago
But still I remember it now
I’ll never forget the joy that I felt
That night . . . I milked my first cow


2 Responses to “The First Time”

  1. Back when movies were worth watching.



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