Shirtless Shitters – Why?

by duncanr

never heard of this practice before today so you can rightly assume I’m not a ‘shirtless shitter’ but apparently a lot of folk are –


3 Comments to “Shirtless Shitters – Why?”

  1. I’m with the anthropologist on this one: never heard of it. If you are causing enough back splatter to remove clothing as a precautionary measure or you are so tense around a toilet that you must strip to your birthday suit in order to release the hounds, you’ve got bigger problems than Reddit can handle. Seek help.

    Anyway, as a woman, I can say that the fairer sex keeps as much clothing over as much of our body as possible when paying the daily bill for the following reasons.

    1. There is always, ALWAYS an alarmingly wide gap around the bathroom stall door so everyone waiting in line just a few feet away (yes, there is always a line, no we don’t like it, either) is usually eyeballing today’s underwear selection and estimating the last time you shaved above the knee.

    2. Few stall door locks are trustworthy and one must be braced (on all levels) for the idiot who forces their way into an occupied privy without first peeking beneath for telltale shoes. Things must be ready to be pulled back on in a flash, pun intended.

    3. Most of us are scarred from youth from that one time we had to drop trou on a camping trip/hike/other outdoor adventure and were discovered in broad daylight by a total stranger. With today’s technology, one’s pink ass cheeks could be on the internet before one can even get out the scream.

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