A Couple and their Dog

by duncanr

my friend’s dog is an old lad now

he’s deaf as a post, and his running days are over – most he can manage when he gets his feet under him is a slow hobble and when he falls over (which he does frequently) he hasn’t the strength to get back on his feet himself but lies patiently waiting for she or I to help him up, so this video struck a chord with me . . .


4 Comments to “A Couple and their Dog”

  1. Nothing to do with ancient dogs, but these synthetic voiceovers for ‘what-passes-as’ news clips really get on my tits.

    I saw this clip a few days ago, and whilst thinking ‘that’s nice – someone looking after their old dog properly’ I also wondered what the fuck it had to do with anybody else, and why it was being touted worldwide as a news story. There are plenty of people here who go the extra mile to care for their elderly pets without becoming internet stars as part of the deal.

    About an hour ago I heard on the car radio that some auld biddy in Canada had found a long-lost wedding ring when it appeared firmly embedded around a newly-picked carrot from her garden.

    Again, very nice for the people involved, but surely the preserve of a local newspaper, and not taking precedence over what two global dictators are doing squaring up to each other, and a variety of other stuff.


    • Hahaha. I can imagine grumpy old you being looked after in years to come.
      Only problem is I was nodding away to what you were saying. So what does that make me?
      But I did like this video, not for what it showed but for the memories it gave me of two of my dogs who made it to 16 and 17.

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  2. This is how you’re supposed to treat animals, they are members of your family. Don’t get me started on millennials….

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