Oh, please, please, please

by allthoughtswork


This is the guy who wrote Trump’s Art of the Deal for him and knows him all too well. I’ve done a lot of research on narcissistic personality disorder and Schwartz is definitely on the right track with his predictions about our runny orange dog turd.

Honestly, I’d really savor an impeachment but our tax dollars can be put to better use.

5 Comments to “Oh, please, please, please”

  1. be nice if he did but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you

    stepping down would be a very public admission of failure and his narcisism will prevent him doing anything that makes him look a ‘loser’

    best we can hope for, I think – barring impeachment – is a real (or fake) illness that provides him with an excuse to get out of the ever-deepening hole he presently finds himself in


  2. The fact that Schwarz has said this probably makes it less likely that Trump would ever willingly step down.


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