One of the most phenomenal TED Talks I’ve ever seen

by allthoughtswork

Be careful, this one is triggering for those of us with PTSD. But, damn, is it good.


4 Comments to “One of the most phenomenal TED Talks I’ve ever seen”

  1. always amazed not a lot more service personnel suffering from PTSD

    we bring our kids up to think for themselves, to question everything, teach them what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ – do not kill, turn the other cheek, etc

    then when they are 16-17 yr old we tell them to forget all that – we have a drill sergeant drum into them not to question orders but to blindly obey them, to forget any respect for fellow human beings and any moral teachings about not taking lives

    in effect, we turn them into trained killers, then when they leave the service we expect them to revert back to the folk they were and the beliefs they held before they enlisted or were conscripted into the forces

    is it any wonder the poor sods are psychologically damaged ?

    we bring them up to follow one set of beliefs and values, then tell them to ignore what we previously taught them and follow/adopt diametrically opposed set of beliefs and values when they’re serving in the military, then revert back to their pre-existing beliefs/values when they leave the services

    having gone through that experience and witnessed the horrors of war, who wouldn’t have difficulty telling what is right or wrong, or what is appropriate behaviour in certain situations


    • Agreed, and I think there’s a lot more PTSD out there than we even imagine because the two primary tenets of manhood AND the military seem to be Show No Weakness and Don’t Ask For Help. A fatal combo.


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