How to open the gates of hell

by allthoughtswork

Just press “panorama” on your camera and stand back.


4 Comments to “How to open the gates of hell”

  1. Are you sure it’s not the paranormal setting ?


    • Read “The Sun Dog” by Stephen King. You’ll never look at dogs or cameras the same way again. (shudder)

      Great, now I’m going to have fucking nightmares remembering that story. Thanks, mate.


      • I don’t know that one. I read many of Stephen King’s novels when I was younger: I found ‘Pet Sematary’ pretty disturbing, and remember having trouble putting out the light and going to sleep after reading the bit in ‘The Shining’, describing the old woman in the bathtub.

        Sweet dreams.


  2. I was mauled in the face by a dog in my twenties, so “The Sun Dog” holds certain gravity for me. After an event like that, it’s understandable that I’m a cat person.

    But, seriously, go find his compilation Four Past Midnight and partake of the insanity therein. See if the horror still holds.


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