Auld Reekie’s Closes

by duncanr

I was born and raised in Edinburgh (Auld Reekie) and well remember the closes running off the Royal Mile (the street connecting the castle at one end and Holyrood Palace at the other)

Back in medieval times, Royal Mile was lined with individual plots of land with paths to gain access to the land behind. As each plot became built up over time, these paths or closes developed into narrow lanes connecting courtyards and streets behind the Royal Mile. Tall buildings on both sides gave many closes a canyon-like appearance and atmosphere. Most closes . . .

slope steeply down from the Royal Mile. For anyone walking down the long flights of stairs, it creates the impression of walking into the underground

read more here – The Closes of Edinburgh

click here – – for an interactive map showing the name, location, and potted history of each close

4 Comments to “Auld Reekie’s Closes”

  1. Back in medieval times,

    Are we still talking about your childhood?

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  2. We went to Edinburgh in June, for a week. It really is a brilliant place, even though it was ‘enjoying’ its wettest June on record!

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  3. I see they’ve named one after you, Duncan.


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