You know that horror you feel….

by allthoughtswork

…when you flush the toilet and the brown water starts rising instead of going down?


2 Comments to “You know that horror you feel….”

  1. My partner sometimes buys the Daily Fail, despite my re-education efforts.

    She bought it yesterday, and showed me the picture of elderly women in a nursing home, sitting half-immersed in floodwater.

    She found it very disturbing though, as a palliative care nurse, not many things get to her.


    • I know, I saw that, too, and I had to stop watching the news.

      The Trumpian government hasn’t even sent in the military to help and a gigantic megachurch tried to close its doors to displaced flood victims until social media shamed the shit out of them.

      Conservative Christians, shining in a crisis. I wonder who they will blame this hurricane on, gays or Hillary?

      PS: Unless you have a parakeet cage to line, ain’t no reason to be purchasing the Daily Fail.


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