Don’t judge a book by its cover foundation makeup

by allthoughtswork

What’s truly funny here is that he looks so dangerous and badass, yet his actual speaking voice has all the force and gravitas of a 15-year-old-boy asking out a girl for the first time.

Sometimes tattoos work.


6 Comments to “Don’t judge a book by its cover foundation makeup”

  1. when I was 15 yr old, you didn’t ask a girl out on a date, your mate did!

    the whole transaction was done through 3rd parties

    your mate spoke to her mate – told her mate you fancied her friend, asked if she felt the same

    if she said yes, then your mate and her mate set up date and time for the two of you to meet up on a date

    if she said no, then you told everyone what an ugly cow she was and you wouldn’t touch her with a bargepole !

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