Anyoregonbeach webcam

by allthoughtswork



Refresh these webcams periodically to get a sense of what my days on the coast are like…. I actually haunt less populated strands to the south because >2 people = crowded, but trust me, the grey is usually ubiquitous and reliable–absolutely delightful for an uber-Caucasian with a sunscreen phobia.

As you can see, our beaches are very flat and very wide so when the tide comes in, it comes in like a Lamborghini with failing brakes. Mind the tide tables or die. The seagulls aren’t trustworthy, either.

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2 Comments to “Anyoregonbeach webcam”

  1. I love webcams like this.

    To be able to see – in real time – what is happening (or in most cases, not . . .) on another continent is bloody amazing.


    • Key factor: It doesn’t involve a disappointing ride on any horrible airline to enjoy. I ain’t payin’ twenty bloody dollars for a paper pillow some drunk millennial drooled on. I want first-class drool!

      PS: I’ll probably be out there on the beach tomorrow. Not a beach with a webcam, though. I can’t afford to replace anybody’s fractured lens.


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