National Poetry Day

by duncanr

Damn, I nearly forgot
[these days this happens a lot]
here in the UK
its National Poetry Day
so get off your arse
lest this descend into farce
and submit your best shot
as a comment


5 Comments to “National Poetry Day”

  1. Birds of a Feather

    I have this big problem with crows,
    It’s something a homeowner knows:
    You work in the yard
    And he caws all day, hard.
    The bastard thinks he’s spoutin’ prose.

    My hummingbird feeders are thick
    With sugary treats for the quick
    But chickadees find them
    And hummers don’t mind them
    So chicks lick until they are sick.

    It’s fall, so the geese should be here.
    October makes perfectly clear
    That honkers should soar
    When the leaves hit the floor
    But it feels like they’re skipping a year.

    Of seagulls, I’m not a big fan,
    ‘Cause theirs is a dull-witted clan.
    They won’t even dance
    When they’re given the chance
    But I know that a pelican-can.

    Roosters are mostly delicious,
    Their legs are salty and nutritious.
    But suck on a cock
    That’s as hard as a rock
    And you’ll forget food and the dishes.

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  2. I haven’t time
    I’m on the run
    From hither and yon
    Limerick to Dublin.

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  3. A poem you say,
    for world poetry day?
    Feck I’ll have to think.
    Nope nothing coming I fear,
    I’ll skip it this year,
    and drown my failure in drink.

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  4. For verse, when in need of a quickie
    I’m afraid I’m a bit of a thickie
    My mind just goes blank
    I’m as thick as a plank
    For fuck’s sake, where’s our mate sticky.

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    • The calendar’s clearly clicked over
      We’re now in the month of October
      When the post’s stated date
      Is September 2,8 –
      Is anyone on this site sober?

      But to get around this, I suppose
      I could just write something in prose
      But it takes too much time
      To not put it in rhyme
      I verse from my head to my toes


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