Save the Reindeer !

by duncanr

toilet paper has come a long way in my lifetime

from scraps of newspaper, we upgraded to Izal* – a horrible brown, hard, greaseproof type paper that seemed designed not so much to clean your bum but to smear your jobby all over it – and then, bliss, soft-tissue paper came along

* while Izal was bad, it was not as evil as . . .

Badger’s Arse Industrial Toilet Paper

now toilet paper comes in different colours to match the bathroom decor, scented or not, and different thicknesses

we are spoilt for choice – Greenpeace, however, would like us not to choose the luxury top end of the market ‘Velvet’ toilet paper to wipe our bums

full story here –

3 Comments to “Save the Reindeer !”

  1. IZAL? Duncan used Izal bog rolls? They were 4 pence halfpenny you know! By gum, how well off worri? That’s it now, owt Dunc says get my vote. Cause he is wonderful, wise chap. (I’ll talk about the begging letter later if that’s alright!) Hehehe!


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