Spot the Difference

by duncanr


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2 Comments to “Spot the Difference”

  1. Well, let’s see, now.

    Both sets of women have betrayed their liberty and freedom of choice to a narcissist.
    Both are wearing collars tight enough to serve as choke chains.
    Both live in creepy buildings with a lot of other women who joined the same cult.
    Both seek personal validation from external sources.
    Both believe they must look a certain way to be accepted in their role.
    Both wear uncomfortable clothing that serves a man’s purposes more than their own.
    Neither set of women receives wages commensurate with their task.
    Both lose their job the instant they become pregnant.

    I give up, Dunc, what’s the difference?

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  2. Night attire at the top, Day attire at the bottom?


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