Damned right

by allthoughtswork



4 Comments to “Damned right”

  1. if this really happened, thumbs up to mum for way she handled situation

    being a cynical bugger, however, this screams ‘fake’ to me – mum’s responses are too perfect. She is too much in control of situation while everyone else – teacher, head teacher, boys parents are embarrassed, flustered

    either it’s totally fake or – if it did happen – mum has deliberately reported the incident in a way that makes everyone else look bad and herself look good


  2. For me, it’s scripted from start to finish in order to make a point.

    A good point, but badly let down by a dubious bit of fiction writing.

    The click-bait YT headline should tell you all you need to know about the provenance of the story. Nobody in the story ‘ripped off’ anybody’s bra.

    YT users can be such arseholes at times.


    • You’re a cynical old sod, aren’t you? I think it really happened all the way up to the girl’s mother becoming incensed about it and that is where her wishful thinking and fantasy took over to create a happy ending. Every woman on the planet wishes she had that kind of justice, just once.

      Personally, after enduring several attempted date rapes, three successful stalkings, and too many incidents of sexual harassment to even recall, I took great pleasure in the tale. Your mileage may vary.


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