I’ve actually done one of these life hacks….

by allthoughtswork

…but I’m not telling which one. The rest of them I only wish I’d done.


7 Comments to “I’ve actually done one of these life hacks….”

  1. i’ve done the cheap wine trick – must try the spilt drink on theatre/cinema seat some time, though 😆


    • Those were my two favorites, too! (I’ve done the wine trick, fooled a bunch of uppity oenophiles with it, they denied everything)


      • One of No1 son’s mates had a wine snob in his flat at Oxford uni.

        One night, sick of his superior attitude they got him pissed and gave him some Vimto ™ with vodka in it, claiming it to be the best wine they’d tasted.

        He prattled on about the full body and lingering flavours of forest fruit with notes of gingery scrumptiousness and other pretentious bollocks, before pronouncing it to be a 1992 Chateau Fuckwit from the Jacques Chirac region (or whatever).

        Next morning, when challenged about it, he claimed to have remembered nothing, but never got up his own bum about wine in their company again.


        • I think I can top that one, Nobbly. (cracks knuckles)

          Through various loopholes in female business acquaintance, I snagged an invite to a ritzy wine tasting party at an historic mansion in an old neighborhood of Portland. It even had the secret booze room up in the cupola from Prohibition, I got the Drunk’s Tour.

          The hostess was requesting Malbecs and ports that night, specifically, so I naturally ignored that and brought a bottle of Two Buck Chuck Shiraz. It’s the cheapest wine at Trader Joe’s and nationally regarded as everything from Makes a Decent Sangria to What You Serve When All Your Guests Are Finally Drunk. Actually, it’s not that bad.

          The proof of it’s quality was that a good deal of the pretentious, sphincter-locked crowd rated it well in the blind taste test. It said so right on their rating cards. Of course, they all erupted in drunken chuckles and “confessed” they knew it all along and were merely joking.

          I had no idea Trump had so many relatives in Oregon.



  2. I’ve done the grave one fairly recently.

    I still miss ratty, but not as much as I miss the dog.


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