Response to Mass Shooting

by duncanr



3 Comments to “Response to Mass Shooting”

  1. You left out the step after Blame Guns where us liberals try in vain to get Congress to even discuss the fucking things.

    Also, there’s a step after Blame Mental Illness where the gun industry does record-breaking business because, you know, there are so many mentally ill people out there with guns and background checks are privacy infringement.


    • I’m waiting for donald J trump to call for a complete lockdown on Americans entering the country until he can figure out what is going on.


      • You know what Congress recommended to America? Shit happens, learn to stay low and out of the line of fire.

        What the everylovin’ fuck–? It’s like the employer who responded to my complaints of dangerous sexual harassment from one of his employees by recommending I take some karate classes.

        I hear testicles bleed a lot when you snip them off with wire cutters.


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