Columbus Day

by duncanr

in the USA, the second Monday in October each year is commemorated as Columbus Day in some states

owing to the fact that he didn’t actually ‘discover’ or bring ‘civilisation’ to America and was, besides, a ruthless evil bastard, in recent years some parts of the USA celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day in place of Columbus Day


7 Comments to “Columbus Day”

  1. Not for nothin’, but I saw a ludicrously hot Native American guy at a huge sporting goods store today. We’re talkin’ close to drool-worthy levels of hotness. Which was a hilarious contrast to all the ugly redneck white guys wandering around in plaid. Indigenous Peoples, for the win.


  2. I’ve just eaten my meal at my desk, and will shortly be celebrating Indigestion Person day.


  3. Or the fact that he really didn’t discover America at all (at least not on his first voyage). It was Cuba that he found on his first voyage.


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