Trump Downgraded

by duncanr

following the UK decision to leave the EU, the government is desperate to secure a beneficial trade agreement with the USA to compensate for the loss of that which we currently have with the Eu

when the USA elected a petulant child as their president, therefore, Theresa May, was quick to curry favour with the prat president – appealing to his vanity with the offer of a state visit to the UK

such is the contempt with which the emotionally immature, intellectually challenged, pillock is held in the UK, however, that the news of the state visit was not universally welcomed . . .

today, though, there is . . .

good news

trump is coming to the UK next year but he’ll have to find his own food and accommodation – there will be no stopping or dining with the Queen –

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7 Comments to “Trump Downgraded”

  1. You’d think with all the mass shootings we have over here that somebody would have taken care of our little problem by now but it looks like you Brits will have to pull up the slack. Good luck.

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  2. Nastasya Tay of Special Broadcasting Service News in Australia had her own special take on Trump’s visit to France…
    Wouldn’t it be nice if all the news services were this good


  3. A bit churlish perhaps? Would it really cost so much to offer the kind of accommodation he’s used to? Like maybe, the Tower of London?

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