Mind-blowing TED Talk

by allthoughtswork

Don’t think subtle messages have formidable impact? Listen up, buttercup, because this guy is a dynamo.

Lemme break it down for ya.

Telling a man he’s got to be more sensitive to issues and embrace feminism is telling him to give up power. If you’ve “got to” do something, you don’t have a choice, your agency is gone. “Sensitive” is a word that shrivels penises from Newark to Australia. “Feminism,” by its very etymology , focuses exclusively on the vagina crowd, belying its true definition. (We need a new word; I hate that word.)

On the other hand, telling a man that he can put his foot down to stop injustice and be a leader is telling him it will give him power. “Putting your foot down” is an aggressive act of force. “Stopping” something means he has the strength and agency to overpower it. “Being a leader” is on page one of the How to Be a Testicular Human Being Manual they hand out verbally in elementary school.

Both messages are true but only one gets through to the target crowd. The target crowd is men. Jackson Katz knows his shit.

(The irony being how he quotes Martin Luther King, Jr. at the end, who was, in fact, a sexist, womanizing pussbucket.)


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