The end is nigh!

by NobblySan

You can always tell when a TV comedy show is dying.

It’s when the writers have wrung every last drop of originality out of the bloody thing, and are loathe to admit that they’re clueless about what to write next, yet are faced with the problem that the producer has just signed up for a further 13 episode series.

This usually applies to anything that has run to more than three series.

What normally happens then is that they start finding lame excuses to have ‘flashbacks’ to earlier episodes to fill up airtime as they can’t be arsed to write anything original.

Hold that thought folks, because I’ve just been trawling through our archives with due trepidation, in search of inspiration, only to end up covered in perspiration and in need of medication.

I was shocked and saddened by some of the stuff that I found.


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