There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Prick

by duncanr

it’s not much to shout about, but – officially – Ant Smith, has the smallest penis in Britain

[unofficially, there may be someone with a smaller penis than Ant, but this is one claim to fame no-one will perhaps be rushing to contest]

he wrote a little poem about his dick . . .

and now he’s fronting an advertising campaign by a preventative health service to encourage folk to perform their own blood tests at home with the slogan ‘there’s nothing wrong with a little prick’ –


13 Comments to “There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Prick”

  1. Well now! When this popped up in my e-mails I thought it was a post about my dear friend Nobbly. I was about to slap someone here ….. HELLO EVERYONE 🙂


    • Jules!

      Well hello there.

      Have you been peeping in the showers again?

      . . . and that was ‘peeping’, with a ‘p’ in the middle.

      We all know that you do the other thing.

      Seriously – it’s great to hear from you. How’s life in warmer climes?


      • You should know I’m too much of a lady to pee..p in showers! Life is currently a pleasant 30 deg C, with a chance of thundershowers – that’s the good news. Bad news is the country is slowly falling apart thanks to a rather large prick.


        • I thought they were about to indict him on fraud and corruption charges. Or is there an even bigger prick waiting to take over from him?


        • Maybe you should consider moving to the States? After all, you’ve got first hand experience of how to deal with a clueless, nepotistic,dictatorial arsewipe of a president, I’m sure that your advice would be most welcome.


          • Or maybe you could move to England, and get behind a winning cricket team.

            You’d love it here – it’s a very pleasant 13 degrees and the low cloud hasnt lifted all day.


            • I think I’ve had about as much as I can handle from shitarse dictators – I’ll give the USA a wide skip thanks! Oh, I do support a winning cricket team (have you seen what we’ve been doing to Bangladesh? – that’s a country somewhere in Asia if you’re wondering). Could you lift the temperature and the clouds a bit then I’ll move to England – oh and could you put me somewhere where the houses aren’t right on top of each other – I have this vivid memory of when I was 11 (that was the last time I was there) – of these houses being right on top of each other, and everyone knowing everyone else’s business – here we live behind high walls with razor wire and alarm systems – the freaking neighbour wants to know my business he better climb over the razor wire 🙂


  2. Hi Julie I knew you were back because I saw your car parked outside…


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